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Did you known what is “mate”? Mate is an infusion prepared with a plant known as “ilex paraguariensis”

On their natural state of live, this plant can grown up till 30 or 40 meters long on height. But in order to improve the harvesting, it is usual to remained at 2 meters only. The most important areas of cultivation are  on the subtropical region of Argentina, South of Brazil and Paraguay.

The trunks of young seedlings are often produced on incubators, where there will be cared in between  9 and 12 months, (so then after this period of time) the ones healthy and well formed plants,  are selected and definitely transplanted to the field,  commonly  known in this region as “Chacra”.

 When the plant makes 4 years old, achieves a well development and  is ready  for his 1st harvest, which takes place every April and September of every year.

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