Mate cocido Rosamonte 50 sachets

Mate cocido Rosamonte 50 sachets


Mate Infusion, Rosamonte- Yerba Mate in Tea Bags for Mate Cocido.
Mate cocido is a delicious, healthy, and convenient way to enjoy yerba mate.
Each package contains 50 sachets of 3g.
Net weight: 50x 3g = 150g.
Get your Rosamonte Mate Cocido now and experience the authentic taste of yerba mate in a quick and easy tea bag form!
Order yours today and savor the rich flavor and natural benefits of yerba mate, anytime, anywhere.
Stay refreshed and energized with Rosamonte Mate Cocido!
100% Yerba mate
Without T.A.C.C. Gluten free. Origin: Produced in Argentina.

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